Sales Features

Manage the sales process from initial customer enquiry to final invoice and everything in between.

Customer Enquiry

Use Maestrolive’s Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) to handle customer enquiries and their data.

  • Setup the CRM to record data in a way that suits you.
  • Build intelligent links between customer records and the estimates, jobs and invoices associated with them.
  • Enter individual’s details or use a company record and associate individuals with that company.
  • Use multi-level categorisation to organise your contacts database.
  • Send communications to all or segments of your contacts using popular mail clients.
  • Record communications to contacts in communication history.

Site Visit

Schedule a site visit and assign. A map pin, address and customer details are passed to the mobile estimator.

  • Simple site visit scheduling.
  • Estimator receives details of the job via mobile app.
  • Maestrolive is ready to start creating the new estimate during the site visit.


Quickly build an estimate in the mobile app using pre-defined resources.

  • Always build from an up-to-date parts list.
  • Add time, material and unit based resources.
  • Markup and tax added automatically.
  • Estimate total calculated.
  • Estimate sent to customer as PDF instantly.

Customer Acceptance

Your customer can accept or decline your estimate simply by clicking a link.

  • Simple and instant estimate acceptance.
  • Acceptance handled online.
  • Acceptance triggers workflow to deliver the estimate.

Job Scheduling

Plan work and schedule jobs. When your customer accepts an estimate use Scheduler to plan delivery of the work.

  • Interactive schedule.
  • Realtime management of workloads.
  • Easily manipulate the schedule visually.


Maestrolive offers detailed layered mapping for your workload.

  • Plots current jobs onto the map.
  • Locate and track mobile workers sharing their location.
  • Locate new job addresses on the map and fix a pin so mobile workers can easily find the address when they visit.

Job Data

Track important job data to create accurate invoices.

  • As resources are used during an install, record them using the mobile app.
  • Maintain a record of events
  • Generate invoices that accurately reflect the time and resources used during an install.

Testing & Certification

Many trades require safety testing when work is carried out.

  • Capture safety testing information via the mobile app.
  • Send data securely to the Maestrolive server.
  • Easily maintain a detailed record of tests carried out.
  • Customise forms to collect the data you need.


Using job data and the customer record you can now generate an accurate invoice for the work done.

  • Invoice emailed to the client automatically.
  • Invoice calculated using job data for accuracy.
  • Customise invoice with company logos and data.

Recurring Maintenance

Often after installing something it requires ongoing lifetime maintenance.

  • Schedule recurring maintenance tasks.
  • Manage large numbers of maintenance schedules.
  • Recur tasks at any interval, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, annually ...

Record Keeping & Audit

The importance of good record keeping can never be understated. Maestrolive logs every transaction in your system automatically creating a detailed audit trail of everything that goes on.

  • Automatic record keeping via transaction tracking.
  • Easily dive into records from any angle.
  • Records linked to associated tasks, customers and estimates throughout.