Customisation and Configuration

"The most customisable field service management system on the web."

Maestrolive offers in-app customisation like no other workflow management system available. Expecting you to mould yourself to the way our software works isn't good enough. We mould Maestrolive around the way you work in order to give you the smoothest transition into managed workflow for the greatest return on investment and productivity gain.

Configuration and Addons

The simplest way to customise Maestrolive to your needs is in the initial configuration you will do when you get a new Maestrolive account.

User accounts, time values, working days, tax and markup and many more settings are configurable to your liking from the get go.

In addition to this, you can choose from our suite of Addons to serve the requirements you have without compromise. Never pay for more than you need and pick and choose the functionality you need when you need it.

Dynamic Properties

This feature allows you to change the inputs and outputs of any form in Maestrolive. The possibilities really are endless in terms of the custom functionality you can add to your workflow.

Flexibility is Maestrolive's strength allowing you to collect and manipulate data in a way that adds most value for you. Even if you don't like the name a form has, you can change it. Dynamic Properties is the swiss army knife of managed workflow solutions.

Here are the main types of dynamic properties that you can use on any form:

  • Create, edit and remove data inputs.
  • Add text, single select, multi-select, checkbox, file upload, date time and signature fields.
  • Have conditional field visibility. Hide or show new field based on condition.
  • Have conditional field visibility by value. Hide or show new field based on value in parent field.
  • Nest conditional field visibility by preceding fields with no depth limit.
  • Add operand inputs running calculations between other values.
  • Add select and multi-select fields populated with values in other fields.

Accessible Developement

Sometimes clients ask us if Maestrolive could do something it isn't yet designed to do. Our team of in-house developers handle custom requests every day. We are able to scope new requirements with you and put it into production.