Why Maestrolive?

The most comprehensive suite of field service management tools on the web.

Maestrolive offers an enormous amount of functionality allowing businesses to manage their operations with one hero system with seamless integration between its component parts.

When keystone systems such as your CRM, Workflow Manager and Configure Price Quote module are all working perfectly together, real efficiencies can be found delivering results straight to your bottom line.

One system, one source of truth, one learning curve. Maestrolive is the go-to workflow management application that asks not what it can do but wonders what, if anything, it can't do.

Affordable Scalability.

Maestrolive aims to be the best possible value for money at all times so we price per feature and per user per month.

There are no limits. One user is fine, 10,000 users is fine. Scale your workforce up and down as necessary and only pay for what you use. This is ideal for bringing in temporary workers during busy times.

Maestrolive's Addons allow you to pick and choose the functionality you need in your business when you need it. Again, you'll only ever pay for what you use on a monthly basis.

Our workflow software is engineered to deliver return on investment and offering meaningful flexibility giving you the right to choose what you use and when you use it is a key part of delivering value to your bottom line.


Most systems define what inputs you can or can't have. Maestrolive is different. Maestrolive offers a uniquely ability to customise any data input in the system.

A simple example would be in CRM if you decide you would like to record a customer's preference for paper or paperless billing for example, you could simply add that as a new input on the customer record and start recording the preference for all of your customers.

But Maestrolive goes further than that. With Maestrolive you can:

  • Create, edit and remove data inputs.
  • Add text, single select, multi-select, checkbox, file upload, date time and signature fields.
  • Have conditional field visibility. Hide or show new field based on condition.
  • Have conditional field visibility by value. Hide or show new field based on value in parent field.
  • Nest conditional field visibility by preceding fields with no depth limit.
  • Add operand inputs running calculations between other values.
  • Add select and multi-select fields populated with values in other fields.

Service & Support.

We can work with you to get the most out of Maestrolive. We offer Software As A Service but we also offer Software And A Service.

Our team can work with you to implement Maestrolive into your business while optimising the software to suit your specific operational needs. We can get as involved as you need us to or you can take the Maestrolive software and run it fully autonomously.

We're here if you need us with support technicians on our service desk and full documentation online.