Unlimited Testing, Easy Experimentation

The Maestrolive Sandbox is freely available to anyone and when activated, spins up a unique Maestrolive account with 'seed data'.

You can keep and use your unique sandbox account but the 'seed data' is reset every 24 hours. It's the perfect environment to test, experiment and explore with Maestrolive.

How is the Sandbox different to the free trial?

The Sandbox is different because it comes pre-configured and contains seed data. When you take a free 30 day trial, you create a new Maestrolive account that is ready to be configured to suit your operation. You'll want to choose the Addons that you would like to use, add users and make any adjustments necessary to configure Maestrolive to your tastes. The Sandbox is an account already configured by our development team to show a typical working example. We've included 'seed data' as well so that you can see how Maestrolive is typically used.

Getting More Help

We're always keen to help so if you have any questions please contact us. We also offer guided demos which can be scheduled online or at a convenient location for one of our team members to give you a guided demo of Maestrolive.