Guided Demos

Your place or ours?

We offer guided demos of Maestrolive for you and your team either at your offices, ours or somewhere mutually convenient.

During the demo we are able to show you how Maestrolive works using both the browser interface and mobile apps for IOS and Android. We can answer questions, demonstrate configuration options and provide ideas for how Maestrolive might best fit into your operation.

If you would like to learn more about Maestrolive through a guided demo we invite you to contact us to arrange a meeting.

How is the guided demo run?

We like to tailor the guided demo to your business. Once we have an appointment scheduled, we will exchange a few emails to get an understanding of how you currently work and the industry you operate in so that we can prepare a demo that will be really relevant to you.

During the demo, we will use laptops and mobile devices to demonstrate Maestrolive and the session will be interactive so you can have a go using Maestrolive. Any questions will of course be answered.

We are happy to provide demos to individuals or teams.

At the end of the demo we will set you up with your own Maestrolive account (free for 30 days trial) and ensure you and your team all have access so you can continue to explore, test and use Maestrolive.

Getting More Help

We're always keen to help so if you have any questions please contact us. We also offer sandbox demo which is a unique pre-configured example Maestrolive account with 'seed data' and is very useful for getting instant access to Maestrolive as well as testing and experimenting with its features..