Huntleigh Healthcare


Huntleigh Healthcare is a provider of medical equipment and services to the NHS and others worldwide.  The problem was that Huntleight Healthcare needed to specific medical beds to hospitals in England in a very short time to meet the contracted service level agreements in place between Hunteligh Healthcare and NHS.

Huntleigh needed to keep track of its stock of beds and actually deliver them in the timescales defined by the SLA.  A way of demonstrating that the SLAs were being met was also needed.


Huntleigh Healthcare placed stocks of the specialist beds in strategic locations throughout the service area.  Maestrolive kept track of the stock, its status and the requirements for moving and installing the beds at the hospital.  Maestrolive is able to provide a managed workflow that takes into account the availability and location of stock as well as the workers needed to move it with the right qualifications.


The system met and exceeded its targets. It was rolled out throughout UK and was in the process of being rolled out to the USA, Australia, Germany and France before Huntleigh was bought out by a bigger entity.