CRJV Road Maintenance


CRJV won the contract to maintain and manage a third of the highspeed motorway network in Ireland. The contract terms insisted on a software able to track and monitor issues found on the highway, manage routine tasks and allow for the creation of 'employee instructed work orders'.


Maestrolive provides realtime two-way management of the remote workforce. Maestrolive is very customisable and so is able to be adapted to the required workflow  needed to support EIWOs (Everything In Working Order) for the contract.  Maestrolive also handles inspections that are carried out on the highway to identify issues that are later handled by the workflow as defects to be repaired.


Maestrolive was fully implemented within just four months of the initial go-ahead and managing worflow for CRJV across Ireland.  Everything is indeed in working order as Maestrolive continues to support half a million km of highspeed roads in Ireland with thounsands of jobs being managed every year.

Performance Data

  • 500,000km of road managed.
  • 150,000 tasks completed.
  • 256 EIWOs undertaken.
  • 13,500 defects found and resolved.