Colas Streetlighting


Colas only had somewhat limited tools at their disposal to manage the Portsmouth Highways PFI in an efficient manner including highways, street lighting, weed spraying, street cleansing, structures.

Colas was very limited in terms of the management tools it had available to manage the requirements of the Portsmouth Highways PFI.  This was causing inefficiencies in the way Colas were managing the large number of tasks that needed to be undertaken each year and inefficiencies in completion of those tasks as well.

The sheer volume of assets, tasks needing to be completed urgently and tasks needing completion in the future presented a formidable management challenge.


Maestrolive provides a managed workflow and asset management solution for Colas.  The real-time two-way management of the mobile workforce also allowed Colas to track both ad-hoc problem resolutions and effectively plan maintenance tasks.

The database of tasks and Maestrolive's GUI provides a much simpler way for managers to manage the jobs that need doing for the contract and report back to their clients with good data.


Initially Colas planned to roll Maestrolive out slowly over six months.  However, Maestrolive made such a positive difference to operations Colas asked for it to be rolled out across their operation much more quickly and within just six weeks the entire operation was being managed by Maestrolive.  

For the first time, Colas was able to visualise the actual workload on its staff and contractors.  This reduced the level of contract support significantly for Colas and, to an extent, the investment Colas made in Maestrolive was returned in the first 12 months of use.

Performance Data

  • 700,000 tasks completed (and counting)
  • 20% reduction in Co2 budget
  • Contributed significant cost savings in the Colas business.
  • Significant improvements in efficiency of service delivered to the Portsmouth Highways PFI contract.