Bournemouth Coastal Business Improvement District


Bournemouth Coastal BID (Business Improvement District) manages five separate and distinct areas within the coastal area of Bournemouth town centre. They are not a traditional BID in that they do not concentrate on the typical "green and safe" strategy adopted by most BIDs, but rather take five small marketing budgets and then leverage the marketing ability of the "collective" to enhance the prospective visitor.

The problem, as is usually the case for most BIDs, is about understanding what is spent where, what that achieves and how to demonstrate this reliably to the BID membership to secure re-election.


To do this Coastal BID needed a CRM system that could track budgets and members, be able to track member contributions, track member voting intentions and be able to show members the value the BID brings to them. Making use of Maestrolive's CRM Addon and 'dynamic properties' has allowed the BID to create a CRM tailored to meet their specific needs and not the software vendors perception of what was needed.


Using Maestrolive, Coastal Bid is now able to manage the budgets of each of the 5 separate areas.  It also allows the BID to understand its own income stream generated by the membership and how it has allocated the marketing budget. It is able to generate reports that allow the BID to show its members the value of the BID, and allows the BID to track member voting intentions allowing it to run successful re-election campaigns by being able to target its limited resource in the most effective manner.

Performance Data

  • Successful re-election 4 years running.

For a BID, this is the key performance metric!

Addons Used