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Save minutes per day and MaestroLIVE has paid for itself.

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If you save just minutes per day, your investment in MaestroLIVE will give you an ROI of %.

MaestroLIVE's ROI calculations explained...

Calculating how MaestroLIVE 'pays for itself'.

We have calculated that you need to save minutes per day or minutes per hour for MaestroLIVE to 'pay for itself'. The time MaestroLIVE saves has a value and when the total value of the time saved in one month equals the cost of MaestroLIVE's user fee, we consider MaestroLIVE's monthly cost to have the same monetary value as the productive time gained.

During one month, your worker works hours ( working days multiplied by working hours per day). If you need to save minutes per day, you need to save minutes or hours per month. You pay your worker £ per hour so the value of the time you need to save equals £ (productive hours gained x hourly pay).

The total cost of using MaestroLIVE for one month is £ therefore you have 'broken even' or gained the same amount of value as you have invested.

Calculating a return on your investment (ROI).

A standard ROI calculation goes like this: ((Gain - Cost) / Cost) x 100. For example, if you invest £1000 into stocks and receive a return of £1200 you have made a profit of £200. Your gain is £1200 and the cost is £1000. 1200 - 1000 = 200. Now we divide the result by the cost so 200 / 1000 = 0.2. To arrive at a percentage ROI figure we times the result of that equation by 100. 0.2 x 100 = 20% ROI.

To calculate the ROI you could achieve by using MaestroLIVE we have to attribute a monetary value to the productive time you gain.

If your worker has minutes of productive time freed up per day by MaestroLIVE and you are paying the worker £ per hour, that time has a value of £

Per month your worker could save minutes or hours in total which has a value of £. Now we can put that value into the ROI equation.

Here is the ROI equation again: ((Gain - Cost) / Cost) x 100.

((£ - £) / £) x 100 = % ROI.