Advanced Pricing

Simple Pricing

Advanced Pricing

  • Add up to 10 users with the 'Add Users' button. Contact us for pricing more than 10 users.
  • Select which addons each user needs in the table.
  • Global addons (Budget Manager, Competencies, Compliance Manager, CRM and Scheduler) will automatically be selected for all users.
User Number User Total Price
User 1 £25
User 2 £25
User 3 £25
User 4 £25
User 5 £25
User 6 £25
User 7 £25
User 8 £25
User 9 £25
User 10 £25
Add User
Contact us to price more than 10 users.
Platform Asset Manager Budget Manager Checkit Competencies Compliance Manager CPQ CRM Smartz Highways Enquiries Project Manager Scheduler StreetCleansing StreetLighting Warehouse Manager Weed Spraying

Number of Users Total System Price
1 £25 per month

Service & Support Pricing

Support Desk


Support desk service is included in all subscription levels at no additional cost.


£60 p/h

Setup and configuration needs are different for each customer but typically 4 hours is sufficient.


£60 p/h

A group of 4 typically takes 2 hours to train as a group either remotely or on-site.

Data Analysis

£85 p/h

Discover the hidden value in operational data with the help of our data experts.

Initial configuration

Maestrolive at all levels needs some initial setup and data input. This process is available to the lead user and can be carried out using our online documentation with relative ease.

However, should you require assistance to configure Maestrolive in your business we are ready and willing to help.  We are able to provide support from our support team free of charge but we can also provide a configuration service for £60 per hour.

If you would like us to provide a configuration service please contact us to arrange.


Pay as you go

Our pricing is designed to provide flexibility and put you in control of what you spend each month. Licenses to use Maestrolive are charged per user per month. If you take on or lose staff simply activate or deactive users from within Maestrolive and you will only be billed for the number of active users in a month.

Maestrolive grows as you grow and shrinks as you shrink and there is only ever a minimum user level of one. You can also cancel all together at any time with no long term contracts imposed.


Automated monthly billing

Payment for Maestrolive licenses are taken automatically from a credit or debit card on a monthly basis. There is no need to pay annually.

Enquiry Form

Please contact us if you have any questions about our pricing or support services.