Weed Spraying

An introduction to Weed Spraying

The Weed Spraying AddOn allows users to create and track the usage of any chemical, create planned schedules, and to monitor 'plan' against 'actuality'.

How Weed Spraying Works

A database of the various chemicals is created along with the current stock levels. A weedspraying schedule is created, also outlining the type of chemical(s) to be used. When weedspraying is being performed, details are entered into Mango which tracks what was used, where, how much and at what rate, along with weather and soil condition information. 

Users are able to create 'contracts' to allow for costs for products used can be correctly applied to the various 3rd parties. Risk assessments can be enforced and tracked.


Industry Usage Examples

Any organisation responsible for weedspraying.


Weed Spraying

£20 Per user per month