Warehouse Manager

An introduction to Warehouse Manager

Add warehouse management to your Maestrolive system and open up a suite of features designed to make managing your inventory easier while integrating well with the workflow and billing (in CPQ).  

Warehouse Manager enables simple, solid inventory management across multiple physical locations if necessary.

How Warehouse Manager Works

Warehouse Manager is a simplified version of any standard warehouse management system. You can track stock in any number of warehouses and/or mobile units, you can handle Goods In and Goods Out including bulk shipments. It tracks different stock types, allowing you to handle client stock, your own stock or hosted stock for example. It tracks repairs, disposals and maintains WEEE records. 

From the inventory, the addon can create shipping lists, labels and more.

Unlike most warehouse management systems which are stand-alone and self supporting, Maestrolive’s Warehouse Manager has been designed to be an integral part of the Maestrolive platform so that not only will it support traditional stock management, it is also capable of supporting resource management. You are able to see the shipment of stock, see the installation process and see the ongoing certification and maintenance (as required). You are able to track the entire stock history, from purchase to installation and repair.


Industry Usage Examples

For businesses with a high turnover of stock, Warehouse Manager is ideal.  If, for example, you operate a quote and install service for gas boilers you will maintain a stock of boilers, fittings and exras such as flu pipes and water softeners.  Use Warehouse Manager to manage your stock of these items in your fixed and mobile storage (i.e. at head office and in your mobile engineer's vans).

In this example, the CPQ addon would also be very useful and working closely with Warehouse Manager, your stock levels and can be managed easily as items are added to estimates and ultimately secured for sale when the customer accepts.

Warehouse Manager can also be very useful if you are storing stock on behalf of a client.


Warehouse Manager

£20 Per user per month