An introduction to StreetLighting

The StreetLighting AddOn provides an organisation with the tools needed to manage any StreetLighting asset, including bollards, belisha beacons, flashing bollards, master control units, or various different columns and lamps. It provides the tools to manage faults, routine maintenance, electrical certifications, and any other function needed to manage the asset successfully.

How StreetLighting Works

StreetLighting provides users the ability to define the workflow needed to manage the asset to the standards and conditions required, including definition of the routine inspection regimes and "scout rounds", the workflows needed to replace broken or damaged lamps and emergency repairs. It also allows users to track the condition of the asset, to track the currency of any safety certificate, the power source, the power required, the maintenance and repair budget.

Scouts are given 'rounds' via their smart device and undertake the designated patrols. As they pass each asset the list the PDA will scroll to the next asset in the list until or unless the user clicks on the 'Defect' option, in which case the necessary form is displayed to allow a defect to be reported. The round continues till it is completed.  Any defects that are automatically uploaded to the server for the required and appropriate repair workflow to determine the 'next steps'.


Industry Usage Examples

Suitable for use in any major conurbation that has a variety of street light assets. At least one major city in the UK is already using MaestroLIVE to manage over 21,000 street lighting assets.



£20 Per user per month