An introduction to StreetCleansing

The StreetCleansing AddOn allows a user to define the cleaning schedule for any area(s) required, taking into account seasonal shifts. It allows users to create 'daily work certificates', inspection routes, and results, as required.

How StreetCleansing Works

Users are able to create any number of 'seasons' and then define the appropriate schedule. The schedule can be for a specific hour on a specific day or, more normally, be given a time span of several days to allow for weather, obstruction, etc. As the route is completed the operative updates his/her Random inspection routes can be created based on actual routes completed.

It is able to generate reports showing what was cut, what was not, and reason why it was not and how actuality compares to planned schedule.


Industry Usage Examples

Any local authority, sports ground or grounds manager can use such a system.



£20 Per user per month