An introduction to Smartz

MaestroLIVE will contain an ever growing amount of data regarding you and your business over time. Data in itself is not much use, what you need is data analysis - you need tools that will turn your data into useful insights for good decision making. BI is the tool that does just that.

BI is self-service data analytics software that lets you create visually appealing data visualizations and insightful dashboards in minutes.

How Smartz Works

Authorised users are able to match any field in any database and mash up a generic template for a wide variety of report types. Once this mashup has been defined, then any other user is able to create their own reports.

Users will be able to blend and visualise their data using a variety of tools and chart types, allowing them to drill down and understand the data, providing them the insight to make informed business decisions.


Industry Usage Examples

Organisations looking to drive productivity and results can use BI to analyse data, identify weaknesses in their operations and take steps to resolve them.  



£15 Per user per month