An introduction to Scheduler

Scheduling can be used several ways within MaestroLIVE - you can allow the system to undertake automatic task assignment, or you can manually assign a task. You can also create a work order which consists of numerous tasks grouped together (this could be by type, or geographic area) and then assigned to one or several persons to resolve.

Scheduler is not restricted just to manpower - it can also be used to assign and allocate resources such as equipment and vehicles.

How Scheduler Works

If, during an inspection, an issue is detected, an estimate is made of the resources needed and the likely time needed to resolve the issue. Scheduler can use this information to assign the correct resources at the correct time to ensure the task is completed within the defined SLA (service level agreement).

Tasks can be grouped together to form a 'work order' that can then be assigned and scheduled for a person or a team. In this case the scheduler will calculate the manpower required and will warn you if the number you select does not match its calculated value but this can be overridden.


Industry Usage Examples

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