An introduction to Enquiries

Enquiries is an add adding a self service function for businesses.  Often used by local authorities to handle reports from the public of problems in their area, the enquiries addon relieves admin overhead and makes it easier to turn reports of issues into deliverable solutions.

Like most of Maestrolive, Enquiries is customisable and can also be setup to allow the reporter to monitor the resolution of the problem they have reported.

How Enquiries Works

In many ways the AddOn can be seen as an extension to the CRM AddOn above insofar as it will take contact details that are added to the CRM database. It consists of a “wizard” which is a step by stem process to allow a contact centre or an external customer an easy path to raise the issue or make the request, as required.

Businesses can publish and allow public access to the wizard, or more traditionally, it is wrapped in an iFrame and then embedded into the existing business website to allow public access this way.

The wizard leads the customer through the process to make the request and raise the issue. Once submitted, the business can define the rules by which MaestroLIVE then handles the ticket raised - in the case of an issue being reported, this might be by automatically generating the associated fault report within MaestroLIVE.


Industry Usage Examples

Enquiries is put to good use in Local Authorities that accept incoming reports of issues from residents.  Any business or organisation that would like to allow customers to report issues to them can make use of the enquiries addon to reduce the admin overhead involved in taking these incoming reports.

Enquiries sits alongside traditional telephone and email enquiries.



£15 Per user per month