Project Manager

An introduction to Project Manager

Most current Project Management tools are stand-alone objects - you create the beautifully structured plans, assign the resources and manpower - then typically you need to use another system to actually get the resources and manpower to site, to undertake the task(s) required, in the order planned, then manually update the plan to ensure you are on track.

Maestrolive’s project management addon works seamlessly with your managed workflow for a fully integrated approach.

How Project Manager Works

Once you have created your project plan you publish it.  This generates the actual tasks within Maestrolive’s managed workflow ready to be assigned to the appropriate user or user group.

As tasks are completed the actual time and resources used updates the project plan.  If necessary you can adjust the project plan to accommodate changes and so there is a continuous feedback loop between the plan and what’s actually happening out in the field.

You can also manage the project budget in real-time allowing for very efficient use of the available resources.


Industry Usage Examples

This addon is used in large and complex projects such as civil engineering projects and road construction and maintenance.  


Project Manager

£20 Per user per month