An introduction to Highways

The Highways AddOn allows organisations responsible for managing and maintaining highways the tools needed to undertake this responsibility in an efficient, productive and effective manner by giving the user access to the workflows and oversight needed to undertake the task.

How Highways Works

The Highways AddOn provides the user the ability to manage any asset that makes up the highway infrastructure - from the lines on the road, the gullies, the kerbs, the actual road surface, to the fence - whatever has been defined as part of the road scheme can be managed within the AddOn.

The AddOn allows users to define the inspection regimes which are then downloaded to the assigned Inspector, who performs the assigned tasks. Any defects found or changes to the condition are reported. Weather can also be recorded where applicable and required, making up a comprehensive record of the highways asset.

Various workflows can be created to handle situations in an appropriate manner depending on priority. The workflows can incorporate any action, including QA/audits to verify the work is done correctly, to standard and to the correct times.

All actions taken are recorded and form part of the history of the asset.


Industry Usage Examples

Any orgainsiation that has a responsibility to manage and maintain any highway to prescribed standards such as CRJV Ireland which Maestrolive supports.  



£20 Per user per month