An introduction to CRM

Maestrolive provides a simple CRM system which can be customised to suit the information you need to hold about your customers.  More importantly, all transactions within Maestrolive concerning that customer are linked to their record for easy recall.

How CRM Works

Out the box the MaestroLIVE CRM provides you with the ability to define businesses, business categories, contacts, and communication. Business categories allow you to define the type of relationship you have with a business or the type of business - is it a supplier, a 3rd party partner, or is it a customer, is it a BID member, or is it a Retailer, Office, entertainment, etc.  The choice of category is entirely up to you to decide - you define it.

You can add contacts and associate these contacts with a business or businesses. If you define a contact as a mobile contact, then Mango users will also be able to view the contact details. If you define a contact as a “3rd party” then you can assign tasks to this contact.

CRM also supports integration into both Mailerlite and to Mailchimp bulk mail services. Any communication made via these services will be tracked in the “Visit/Communications” section. You can also see if any Mango users have visited/talked/emailed contacts via this page.

You can massively extend the functionality of the CRM module via dynamic properties.


Industry Usage Examples

Most of our customers make use of the inbuilt CRM in some way but some industries have more particular use cases for Maestrolive’s CRM.

In Business Improvement Districts the CRM is used extensively to keep records of the BID members, to track work done on their behalf and to calculate or forecast the BID levy.

The CRM is also used to track details of suppliers, other stakeholders and useful contacts.  BIDs typically use dynamic properties to add fields needed to understand the membership voting intentions and to use this information to know where best to target their efforts whenever a reelection is scheduled.

Customers using the CPQ addon also make good use of the CRM to track prospective clients and to follow up with after-sales services.



£5 Per user per month