An introduction to CPQ

Maestrolive CPQ makes it easier than ever to create quotes on-site using a mobile phone or tablet.  Writing estimates from notes is a bottleneck for a lot of service businesses creating large overhead and delaying the estimate from reaching the customer.  With Maestrolive's CPQ you can Configure, Price and Quote from your mobile during the customer visit and have the estimate in the customer's inbox instantly.  What's more, when the customer accepts the estimate the piece of work falls into your regular workflow carrying all the relationship history with it.

How CPQ Works

In the simplest terms, Maestrolive CPQ asks you to add items to an estimate using the mobile app creating a total estimate with each item detailed individually.  This is then exported into a PDF and emailed to your customer.

The items you add to the estimate are managed centrally by your office team.  For example, if you sell gas central heating boilers you would add physical items to your 'stock list' such as pipe, different models of boiler, filters and so on each with a cost price and a markup.  You would also add human resources such as an engineer and an engineer's assistant.  As you create the estimate, you would add these different items so for example to install a new central heating boiler we'd need 1 boiler, 5 metres of pipe, 1 gas engineer for 8 hours and 1 engineer's assistant for 8 hours.  The CPQ addon then totals that up and sends the finished estimate to your customer for acceptance.

You can update your stock list any time thus ensuring your estimators on the road always have the most up to date pricing and availability.  CPQ also calculates markup and tax rates on the fly so you only ever need to input your cost price and CPQ will hide the margin calculations from your customer.

When the estimate is emailed to the customer, they can accept or reject the estimate using a link in the email.  Once the estimate is accepted, the estimate is converted into a job that is then handled by Maestrolive's workflow in order to get the job done.


Industry Usage Examples

Maestrolive CPQ is ideal for businesses that rely on estimating regularly for their sales pipeline.  Creating estimates on the go digitally will reduce admin overhead significantly while creating a competitive advantage over competitor suppliers whose estimate takes a week to arrive in the post.

CPQ is best suited to domestic trade suppliers such as plumbers and electricians.  Of course, CPQ is not limited to plumbers and electricians.  Anyone who needs to create a quote on-site for their products and services will benefit greatly from using CPQ.

We have been working closely with a gas central heating boiler installer looking to find efficiencies in their processes and deliver more quotes with less admin effort.  Maestrolive CPQ is a perfect fit in this industry.



£10 Per user per month