Compliance Manager

An introduction to Compliance Manager

Compliance Manager allows users to carry out required inspections and record the data as necessary in order to demonstrate compliance.  A detailed record of these compliance tasks are recorded and accessible for the life of your Maestrolive account.

How Compliance Manager Works

Define your inspection parameters in a customer form and dispatch to your mobile worker via the mobile app.  

Users can define a schedule required to ensure compliance of any asset (daily, weekly, monthly, annually, bi-anual - any combination can be created). Once set, MaestroLIVE with then track these requirements and create and assign the regular maintenance and test tasks to ensure the item remains compliant.

The visits, defects, test certificate all form part of the asset data register, giving users full exposure to all history of the asset.


Industry Usage Examples

Safety critical assets require regular inspections and must be compliant.  Use Compliance Manager to schedule inspections into your workflow, record inspection data and maintain a historical record of inspections.

If you need to report to governing bodies such as the NICEIC, Compliance Manager is the easy way to obtain the necessary test data from the field for submission to the governing body for certification.  If you yourself are inspected by a governing body, Compliance Manager's record of inspections will help you easily demonstrate compliance and identify specific inspections quickly.


Compliance Manager

£2 Per user per month