An introduction to Competencies

Competency is designed to manage the skills and certifications that your workforce has.  Often, certifications expire and so renewal in good time is essential to avoid delays in your workflow.

How Competencies Works

Each worker has a profile in Maestrolive and to that profile you can add any number of skills or certifications.  These skills can either have an unlimited lifespan - i.e. they never expire or they can have an expiry date.  

Maestrolive will track the skill expiry dates and send reminders to both the user and their designated supervisor when the expiry date approaches. 

Moreover, this addon will only allow users with the right skills and in-date certifications to complete tasks that require those skills of certifications to be valid.


Industry Usage Examples

For organisations delivering skilled work or managing workflows with safety critical roles, competency management is essential.

If you have jobs that requires a particular qualification to be valid at the time the job is done then Competencies will ensure the workflow knows only workers with that qualification can be assigned that task and only if that qualification is in date.  

Significant delays can be caused to workflows when workers qualifications become invalid.  Competencies helps ensure compliance and mitigate delays.



£2 Per user per month