An introduction to CheckIt

CheckIt is a simple to use checklist generator. Users can create a checklist, or checklists, to meet any requirements.  Each item on the list can have unique responses added by the user defining the list making Checkit very customisable to your unique situation.

How CheckIt Works

CheckIt is a unique AddOn in that it can be used as a completely standalone application that allows checklists to be created as required.  Checkit can also be used as part of the bigger MaestroLIVE family so that you can integrate your checklists with managed workflow and other addon functionality if you choose to configure it this way.

A checklist can be created to meet any requirement. A checklist can consist of a single item, or hundreds of items. Users are able to split the list into sensible groups through the use of separators and headings, as required.

Each “question” asked can have any number of answers offered via drop down lists. The answers can be used to drive further questions, if required.

Once the checklist has been defined, it is ready to be used. Users select the list, and fill in the questionnaire as directed, using the answers provided, until such time as the list is complete. Once the list is submitted the results will be seen by the server in real-time.

If Checkit is integrated with Maestrolive workflow or other addons then answers to the questionnaires can also be used to raise tickets within Maestrolive itself which kickstarts the appropriate workflow for problem resolution.

For example, if a checklist finds a “broken toilet” during a hotel room check you could use this to start your pre-defined workflow for instruction a plumber to fix the problem.


Industry Usage Examples

Here are some industry examples of where Checkit can be used to good effect:

  • Health and Safety checks before work begins. 
  • Hotel room cleanliness checklists. 
  • Vehicle inspection checklists, 
  • NHBC compliance checklists. 
  • House inspection snagging checklist
  • HVAC installation checklist
  • Food hygiene checklist




£10 Per user per month