Budget Manager

An introduction to Budget Manager

Budget Manager is a cashflow management system intended to help you keep track of expenditure made during operation.  It does this by recording hours spent and resources used as they are used and deducting the cost from the total ‘budget’.  This addon is useful for managing the costs associated with maintaining a stretch of road for example but can be applied to any asset and many other use cases.

How Budget Manager Works

The budget AddOn allows users to define the rates to be charged for any resources that can be used to perform a task - a resource can be anything that has a value - it could be parts (e.g. an electrical switch, a radio antenna, a lamp pole, etc) , material (e.g. concrete, asphalt, white paint, guard rail, etc), manpower, equipment (e.g. Digger, bulldozer, compressor, traffic lights, etc), or any other item. Users can also define one or multiple “mark up” rates to be applied, as well as valid VAT rates.

Within the budget pot there are two “charges” shown - the estimated charge, and the actual charge. This allows budget managers to know if they have sufficient funds within their budget to support upcoming planned work. As the work is done, then this estimated figure is updated with the actual figure - in real time.


Industry Usage Examples

Budgets are keenly managed in most businesses but a good example of Budgets the addon in action is in a road maintenance setting.

The organisation looking after the road has identified an amount (a budget) for emergency road repairs should they be required.  If an emergency repair is required, a team is dispatched via Maestrolive's workflow management system and they repair the road.  During the repair, the team use various materials such as tarmac, replacement barriers and new paint for the road markings.  The team records these resources being used in Maestrolive as well as the number of workers that were needed and for how long.

Maestrolive can be programmed to know the value of a worker's time or an amount of tarmac so as these resources are used, Maestrolive works out the cost and deducts it from the emergency road repair budget.


Budget Manager

£5 Per user per month