Maestrolive Addons

Maestrolive has strength in the diversity of its application offering functionality for just about everything that's ever done in a business. Our Addons allow you to add and remove functionality as and when you need it. You will only ever pay for what you use making Maestrolive excellent value. Why settle for less?

Full platform and addon pricing and terms can be found on our pricing page.

Asset Manager

Manage assets in the field, inspections, maintenance and repairs via GIS.

Budget Manager

Manage multi-level budgets with approval limits, ring-fencing and more.


Create and manage repetitive checklists such as routine inspections or risk assessments.


Manage staff certifications and qualifications. Assign jobs based on skills and manage renewals.

Compliance Manager

Ensure regulatory requirements are met.


Generate quotes on site and deliver to your customer instantly.


Fully customisable and integrated Customer Relationship Management.


Dive into your operational data with intelligent data analysis.


Specific functionality designed for managing roads (highways) and their associated assets.


Manage incoming enquiries from the public and integrate with your workflow.

Project Manager

Handle large and complex projects easily with integrated workflow.


Assign tasks and use advanced scheduling to manage time efficiently.


Maintain and manage street cleansing activity taking seasonality into account.


Specific functionality designed to manage street lighting assets.

Warehouse Manager

Integrate your workflow with warehouse stock management.

Weed Spraying

Maintain and manage weed spraying requirements taking seasonality into account.