Maestrolive Platform


The Maestrolive Platform is a workflow management system that enables businesses to keep track of people and the tasks they need to do.

We have been developing workflow solutions since 2005 that give businesses the tools they need to manage large teams of people undertaking complex schemes of work.

At its very core, the Maestrolive platform creates tasks and assigns them to users to do. Workflows can be as simple as that or involve many automated steps with approvals and checkbacks in order to satisfy service level agreements of meet compliance requirements.

Workflow management is the future of field operations and Maestrolive can be seen operating in a variety of industries where work is either fully or partially done in the field.

750,000 + jobs

Maestrolive has successfully delivered 750,000 jobs and counting for our portfolio of clients. Figure calculated in early 2019.


Fundametal to the Maestrolive Platform is location. When you're managing jobs, assets and people out in the field knowing 'where' they all are is critical.

Maestrolive offers detailed layered mapping to allow you to interact with your data visually from the get go.

The Value of Managed Workflow

Productivity, Profitability, Compliance

Maestrolive takes on the hard work by automating workflow processes that ultimately makes your organisation more efficient.

Your users can concentrate on the tasks assigned to them while Maestrolive conducts who's doing what, in what order and when in order to get the project done.

Genuine gains in productivity occur naturally with profitability following quickly after. It's easier to be compliant with a reliable data-trail and Maestrolive makes it easy to meet regulatory requirements with digital certificates.

Not only does the amount of productive time available to you increase, while admin overhead decreases, but your service levels will improve increasing your value to your customers in turn.

Accessing Maestrolive

In the Browser

Log into your user account from any internet browser. You can use Maestrolive in full as well as do configuration and setup.

Mobile Apps

Get our free Android and iPhone/iPad apps to use Maestrolive on your mobile device. Tasks assigned to you are sent to your device.


For integration with legacy systems, our API is perfect for synchronising different systems when required.

IOT - Connected Devices

Maestrolive supports the concept of IOT and connected devices reporting into the workflow. Maestrolive is capable of connecting thousands of intelligent assets.

Accountancy Integrations

Maestrolive can feed data into your accounts software where necessary for a seamless transition from workflow to invoicing.

This is particularly useful if you are using the CPQ (Configure Price Quote) addon which is used to create estimates.

Maestrolive works with the Xero, Quickbooks and Sage. Find out more on our accounting software integrations page.

  • Xero
  • Quickbooks
  • Sage

Maestrolive Addons

Maestrolive has strength in the diversity of its application offering functionality for just about everything that's ever done in a business. Our Addons allow you to add and remove functionality as and when you need it. You will only ever pay for what you use making Maestrolive excellent value. Why settle for less?

Full platform and addon pricing and terms can be found on our pricing page.


Manage assets in the field, inspections, maintenance and repairs via GIS.


Easily manage multi-level budgets with approval limits, ring-fencing and much more.


Dive into your operational data with intelligent data analysis to give you better decision making.


Create and manage repetitive checklists such as routine inspections, risk assessments and more.


Manage staff skills, certifications and qualifications. Assign jobs based on skills and manage renewals and training easily.


Ensure regulatory requirements are met with this Compliance addon.


Generate quotes on site and deliver to your customer instantly.


Fully customisable and integrated Customer Relationship Management.


Manage incoming enquiries from the public and integrate with your workflow.


Handle large and complex projects easily with integrated workflow.


Assign tasks and use advanced scheduling to manage time efficiently.


Integrate your workflow with warehouse stock management.