Health and Safety and Inspections

An introduction to Health and Safety and Inspections

Compliance, record keeping and consistency are keystones of delivering good health and safety.  Maestrolive offers solutions for all three making managing health and safety a doddle. Of course, health and safety is important for every industry so the use case described here is applicable in addition to other industry use cases.

Use Case

There is a critical need to operate within the law, deliver high standards of health and safety as well maintain good records.  Maestrolive delivers on all three. When it comes to working with the Health and Safety Executive or insurance companies, the ability to demonstrate due diligence and with evidence is extremely useful and important.

Use Maestrolive to make the workplace more safe.  Do this by creating safety critical checklists that can be completed (and recorded as being complete) every time a safety critical process takes place.  

Schedule regular inspections of safety critical equipment with customisable forms that capture the information you need to capture about that piece of equipment.

Maestrolive automatically maintains a record of all interactions with the system so whether it’s a simple checklist or a detailed inspection, Maestrolive records when this took place, by whom and what data was collected.  You can search the database easily to retrieve the right piece of information when you need it.


Health and safety is everywhere but some places have more to think about than others.  Maestrolive is valued in a variety of industries, one such being manufacturing. On a production line you will find many opportunities to use Maestrolive to make a process quicker and easier which improves user acceptance and ultimately makes things safer.

For safety critical processes such as the safe operation of a piece of machinery, use checklists to go through safety checks before operation.  The checklist is easily accessed on the mobile app by the user and the fact the checklist has been completed is recorded in Maestrolive along with the data captured.

If something goes wrong, use Maestrolive to demonstrate that no negligence occurred by providing access to records of inspections and safety checks.

Free Demo

Maestrolive offers a free demo of it’s platform and all of the above addons. If you would like to find out more about managing Health and Safety and Inspections using Maestrolive please get in touch with our team of product specialists who will happily arrange demonstrations and a free 30 day trial.