Energy Infrastructure

An introduction to Energy Infrastructure

Energy infrastructure encompasses the commissioning, construction, running and maintenance of buildings and equipment.  Maestrolive is able to assist managing these aspects and with energy infrastructure often being business critical it’s important as well to note that urgent responses can also be handled.

Use Case

We cover construction on the Civil Engineering industry page so here we will focus on commissioning and maintaining energy infrastructure.  At the commissioning stage surveys need to be carried out and recorded. Use Maestrolive to record data in the field and save it to the system instantly with mobile data or as soon as you come into mobile data if you are out of signal.  Appointments can be easily scheduled between various parties to carry out surveys.

In terms of maintenance, regular inspections, checklists and compliance checks are commonplace in safety critical environments.  Use Maestrolive to create custom forms for these inspections and build up a history of inspection reports concerning specific assets.

Maintenance schedules are confidently handled by Maestrolive allowing you to schedule a workflow of ongoing maintenance well in advance.


In a safety critical environment such as a hydro electricity plant, Maestrolive is very useful for scheduling routine inspections, presenting forms for inspectors to fill out and storing the data once submitted.  The historical audit trail is linked to a specific asset in receipt of regular inspections so at a moment’s notice, one piece of equipment’s entire inspection history can be recalled.

Maintenance often never stops on structures such as dams.  Maestrolive is able to plan a large workflow spanning many mobile workers, resources and skill-sets giving you the tools to effectively manage your maintenance programme today and in the future.


Free Demo

Maestrolive offers a free demo of it’s platform and all of the above addons. If you would like to find out more about managing Energy Infrastructure using Maestrolive please get in touch with our team of product specialists who will happily arrange demonstrations and a free 30 day trial.