Domestic Quote, Install and Maintenance Businesses

An introduction to Domestic Quote, Install and Maintenance Businesses

When a customer asks you to provide a quote for some work it presents an opportunity to show your best service and set a good impression.  It is important, therefore, to survey and provide the estimate very efficiently and accurately. If the customer accepts your quote, it is equally as important to carry that good quality service through into the installation and maintenance of the thing they are buying.  This is where Maestrolive comes in.

Use Case

Maestrolive offers full configure, price, quote capability allowing the mobile estimator to visit a site, conduct a survey and generate an accurate quote on their mobile device using the Maestrolive app.  This is then emailed to the customer for approval and the job is accepted into the workflow for scheduling.

There are three key points to CPQ: accuracy, speed and service.  



This is achieved by having a centrally managed price-list for all the things you sell.  Updates to that pricelist are communicated to the mobile estimator’s mobile app immediately after editing so any estimates being made on the road will always use the most up to date information.  Ultimately you never send a quote with out-of-date pricing on it reducing losses.



This pricing security means you can create estimates on the fly quickly and efficiently delivering them to customers either instantly or very shortly after the site visit.  



Why make the customer wait?  They’ve asked for the information, we’re confident it’s accurate so Maestrolive gives you the ability to get quotes emailed to your customers as soon as you’ve finished configuring it.


Businesses selling mechanical and electrical systems such as air conditioning, water, heating and plumbing, electrical systems, alarms, gas and gas boilers, renewables etc carry out surveys on-site to provide proposals and estimates to the customer.

Free Demo

Maestrolive offers a free demo of it’s platform and all of the above addons. If you would like to find out more about managing Domestic Quote, Install and Maintenance Businesses using Maestrolive please get in touch with our team of product specialists who will happily arrange demonstrations and a free 30 day trial.