Connected Mechanical and Electrical Systems

An introduction to Connected Mechanical and Electrical Systems

Smart devices are becoming more and more commonplace in homes and businesses and the information they communicate can be very useful in managed workflows.  Maestrolive can bring together human and digital inputs creating a workflow that adapts to the needs of both.

Use Case

Connected devices can report into Maestrolive’s managed workflow in order to report the need for repair or maintenance.  This alert can then be reviewed by a human in the workflow and the subsequent ‘fix’ task assigned to an appropriate mobile worker.  

This is particularly useful and important for safety critical systems that need to work.


A perfect example of this use-case in action is with the management of intelligent alarm systems.  Alarm systems that are connected to the emergency services require regular maintenance and inspections and, if they do need to be repaired, must be repaired in a given time.  With these devices able to report directly into the Maestrolive workflow via the API, service providers can identify when repairs are needed very quickly and dispatch mobile workers to handle the repair quickly and efficiently using scheduling and tracking features inside Maestrolive.

Free Demo

Maestrolive offers a free demo of it’s platform and all of the above addons. If you would like to find out more about managing Connected Mechanical and Electrical Systems using Maestrolive please get in touch with our team of product specialists who will happily arrange demonstrations and a free 30 day trial.