At Home Services

An introduction to At Home Services

Services delivered in people’s homes include healthcare, meter readings, appliance servicing, inspections and more.  The list of appointments is likely to be spread out across a town or district and the mobile workers moves from one appointment to the next often without returning to base (or a management office) for several days.  The ability to move information between the mobile worker, management and customer efficiently becomes essential.

Use Case

In order to deliver services efficiently and provide good service for the end customer, the mobile worker needs information to flow between worker, customer and management easily.  Maestrolive provides the mobile worker first with the information they need to complete the job such as address, customer details, a list of parts (if appropriate) and any forms that need to be filled in during the job.  These are useful as well for inspections and questionnaires. Maestrolive can also provide checklists if the mobile worker needs to positively assert that a list of actions has been taken during a visit.


Healthcare at home

The mobile carer makes regular visits to customers' homes.  Maestrolive provides the address and contact details for the customer and any other people involved in the customers’ care.  Maestrolive can also make available a history of previous visits with any notes or pieces of information pertinent to the customer’s care needs.

During the visit, the mobile carer could ask the customer questions about their health and record the answers in Maestrolive using a form.  The carer could also be provided with a checklist of tasks that they need to complete during every visit. Over time, managers will be able to see whether these tasks have been completed each time a visit is made and build a picture of the service being delivered to that person.


Appliance Servicing

The mobile repairman will visit several homes in a day to repair appliances.  Maestrolive provides address and customer details along with navigation aids in order to help the mobile repairman find the customer’s home.  If any new parts are needed for the job, Maestrolive will provide a list of these and the ability for the mobile repairman to inventory what parts were actually used or not used during the repair so that an accurate invoice can be produced and the warehouse know what unused parts to expect back.

During the visit, the mobile repairman could be provided with a form to record details of any safety checks that are necessary and this would create a good record of all the safety checks that are done for compliance purposes.

Free Demo

Maestrolive offers a free demo of it’s platform and all of the above addons. If you would like to find out more about managing At Home Services using Maestrolive please get in touch with our team of product specialists who will happily arrange demonstrations and a free 30 day trial.