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Thursday, 3 January, 2019

Here is an update on our progress developing and delivering more of the basic functionality we wanted to include in the current MaestroLIVE platform. We have been delivering more and more integration capability, developing our “Smartz” reporting tool, developing our own “Configure, Price, Quote” (CPQ) module, enhancing the workflows in some areas to improve responsiveness, adding yet more configuration capability to the system, creating a new project management module called “Schemes”, adding an alerting system called “Red Alert” for use with Schemes. The list goes on.

You will start to see these modules emerge in Q2 & Q3 2017.

Smartz is our own embedded report generation and Business Intelligence tool. It allows users to access the data in their system and create any report they wish through the use of “drag n drop” tools, innovative charts, etc. It incurs a separate license fee, and is suitable for medium to large scale businesses

CPQ (Configure Price Quote) is designed to allow sales or field operatives to create a professional quote without need of any back office resource, or need to go to the back office. It can be created “right there”, in real time, with the client present. It can even take client acceptance signatures, and at a later date, the ability to take credit card payment “right there and then”. Using CPQ businesses will be able to create professional quotations in minutes, and the resulting quote sent to the customer by email, helping to greatly improve business efficiency which in turn will make real improvements to the business cashflow.

Schemes is a project management tool. MaestroLIVE is about task management, and as any project manager will tell you, the secret to a successful project is being able to plan, track and manage tasks through to completion, so this is a natural extension to MaestroLIVE. Schemes will allow users to define a project, create the tasks, allocate resources, and track through to completion. It will assign tasks to the correct user at the correct time, and will update the gantt chart of current status and progress. It will allow users to save multiple benchmarks for a project, as well as show current critical path, and other project tools.

Red Alert is a companion application - to use Red Alert you need Schemes, but to use Schemes, you do not need Red Alert. This is a simple application that can be provided to all your project resources and allows them to inform you whenever a workstream they are working on has stopped. This simple tool can greatly enhance the management of a project by timely warnings that a workstream has unexpectedly stopped. An instance where this might be the case is when some plant has broken down, needed for a concrete pour that is scheduled in an an hour or two. Because you know about it “right now” you are able to take the steps necessary to replace the broken plant in time to allow this pour to still take place at the time planned.

MobileWorks has many more planned modules in the pipeline for MaestroLIVE, but now we have the base functionality in place, we are going to be turning our attention to the user experience.

Over the next 6 months you will be seeing changes occurring in the user interface of both Office and in Mango. Some will be subtle, some rather more obvious and dramatic, but all of them designed to improve the overall “look and feel” of the product, and to make it easier to use. It will, wherever possible, follow industry standards to reduce the overall training requirements - ideally users should “just know” what to do next, even if they have never used the system before.

As always, any feedback or ideas from our clients are always welcome. This feedback is how we make sure MaestroLIVE is relevant for our users - so please keep the comments coming in.


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