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Tuesday, 15 May, 2018

Auto BID Levy Calculation

You are telling us that BIDs spend a lot of time thinking about their levy. 'How much it is' or 'how much should it be' and how to figure out how a change in the levy charge effects the BID's overall income.

In answer to that, we are building new functionality that will allow you to calculate and project different levy incomes at the touch of a button.


MailChimp Integration

The second string to be added to MaestroLIVE's bow is a fully functional integration between MaestroLIVE's CRM and MailChimp.

Members are everything to BIDs and communicating with them is key to maintaining a healthy relationship. MailChimp will now update contacts within MaestroLIVE to record how and when that contact was communicated with.

For all those BIDs already using email marketing software to keep in touch with their members, this integration provides further coordination between digital services making it far simpler to make well informed communication decisions right from inside MaestroLIVE's CRM.

We are also working on an integration with MailerLITE.


Case Study Endorsement

We are really grateful to Falkirk Delivers for providing a glowing testimonial of MaestroLIVE at work in their BID but two brand new clients have been also been providing rave reviews of MaestroLIVE and our new BID-centric features.

Bournemouth Town Centre BID and Coastal BID started using MaestroLIVE at the beginning of June. We have been giving both customers a lot of attention handling change requests and both seem very pleased with the results so far.

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