Labels For Images

Monday, 1 April, 2019

Labels for images are now available in Maestrolive Mango on IOS and Android.  Add freeform labels as overlays of the image itself in any orientation anywhere on the image by dragging and dropping.  This feature is going to be really handy for highlighting elements in the picture you have taken for future reference.

Use case

Our use case for this feature evolved out of a need to annotate images uploaded during a quote creation in Maestrolive CPQ.  For example, an estimate for plumbing repairs could include a picture of the faulty pipework or damaged radiator and include notes on exactly what or where that damage is.  The image taken is then saved and passed through to the subsequent ‘fix it’ task and is therefore available to the worker carrying out the repair.

Overall the new image labelling feature is very flexible and no doubt Maestrolive users will find even more ways for it to be really useful.

Do let us know what you think of this and any of our features and if you have a feature request we’re all ears:

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