Configuration Features

Powerful tools to configure Maestrolive to your unique operation.


Users are the people working in your business with a login to your Maestrolive instance.

  • Add and remove users at any time with ease.
  • Assign tasks to users, for example, assign a sales enquiry to a user for providing an estimate but assign the delivery of that work to a different user.
  • Audit trail links transactions to users.
  • Maestrolive's pricing is per user per month so you can scale up or down and only pay for what you use.

Dynamic Properties

For every data input in Maestrolive you can use Dynamic Properties to customise the data you are collecting. Dynamic Properties are very capabable offering data processing on top of simple data input.

  • Customise data inputs with custom fields.
  • Create simple if/else statements with the WYSIWYG Dynamic Properties editor.
  • Change document names and customise existing forms.
  • Create calculation fields with operands to calculate values from your inputs.
  • Use conditions to hide or show other inputs.
  • Create bespoke forms to collect and process data in the way you need it to.


Your parts list is the centre of your operation and is synced to your mobile estimators everytime they log into Maestrolive.

  • Easily maintain your parts price list centrally so your mobile estimators always have the most up to date information.
  • Add parts of different kinds such as human resource, consumables or tools.
  • Estimators simply choose a resource from the list, add a quantity and add it to their estimate.

Tax & Markup

Maestrolive adds markup and tax to your parts as they are added to estimates in order to calculate the total value.

  • Set different levels of markup for different products.
  • Set different levels of tax (VAT or other sales taxes) to be added to different products. E.g. a solar install at 5% and a new conservatory at 20%.
  • Markup is not shown to customer.
  • Taxes clearly shown on the estimate and invoice.


Days, units, working hours - each business has slightly different values for common measurements. Maestrolive allows you to define your key values in the system.

  • Define what a working day is for your company.
  • Define shift end and start times.
  • Set timezones and date formats to suit.
  • Set bank holidays and working days for scheduling purposes.
  • Define units for your parts list.
  • Define time values for human resources or working assets in your parts list.


Maestrolive offers so much value to the business analyist.

  • Create custom reports on any of the data in your Maestrolive instance.
  • Filter data to suit on any of the data views.
  • Filter and create reports on custom values (dynamic properties).
  • Save any reports you create to the reports page so you can view historic reports or run the same type of report repetitively on new data.
  • Full customisable Business Intelligence dashboard available with Ultimate subscriptions.


Hide our branding and include yours.

  • Add company logos to estimates and invoices.
  • Add company branding to the instance itself.
  • Customise all system emails sent to users and customers with your own wording and style.
  • A unique branded subdomain available for all instances regardless of tier.

Qualification Certificates

Maestrolive provides a simple way to manage employee's qualifications and training certifications.

  • Upload certificate PDFs (or images) to a certificate record in Maestrolive.
  • Set valid from and to dates.
  • Customise the inputs you need for your certificates.
  • Plan and manage training courses.