Falkirk - A MaestroLIVE Case Study

Tuesday, 5 February, 2019

We spoke to Sarah McKenzie at Falkirk Delivers to find out how they are using MaestroLIVE in their BID.

The Scottish town of Falkirk has operated a successful BID for 7 years with a membership of some 512 businesses. MaestroLIVE has, and continues to play, an important role in managing issues in the BID area and for gathering critical data and statistics to support projects run by the BID.

Falkirk employs 2 street ambassadors who use MaestroLIVE on a daily basis to improve the business district and enhance the retail experience for visitors. This is achieved by reporting issues such as flytipping, grafitti or any antisocial problem directly to the Falkirk BID management team and the Falkirk Council Contact Center.

BID member business see the benefits. Sarah McKenzie is the assistant BID manager: “Antisocial issues directly impact businesses in the town. The BID members are grateful that MaestroLIVE provides a way to not only help deal with these problems quickly but also a way to monitor feedback and the progress of any ongoing issues being dealt with.”

“MaestroLIVE is a quick and efficient way of recording information about issues that need to be remedied quickly and it allows the management team to gather critical information about the town centre.”

Once a month Falkirk carries out surveys in the town center speaking to visitors and businesses to gather critical data and statistics to support projects Falkirk BID runs. MaestroLIVE makes capturing this data easy. Street ambassadors simply complete the surveys on their smartphones via the MaestroLIVE Android app and submit results to the database as they go along. Data is instantly accessible to the BID management back at the office.

Data captured by MaestroLIVE also plays another important role for the team in Falkirk. Managers are able to monitor how their street ambassadors are performing and therefore what value is being delivered by the team using MaestroLIVE’s reporting function. Sarah McKenzie explains: “We regularly use the reporting function in MaestroLIVE. This allows us to gauge how our Street Ambassadors are performing, how many tasks they complete and how quickly they are followed up.”

Overall BID members, management staff and the street ambassadors are very happy with MaestroLIVE and the value offered.

Our thanks to Sarah McKenzie at Falkirk Delivers for providing the information needed to write this case study. For more information about the Falkirk BID please visit www.falkirkdelivers.com

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