Sandbox Announced

Friday, 12 April, 2019

We are excited to announce the forthcoming launch of our new Sandbox demo testing platform within Maestrolive.

Beginning in May 2019, users will be able to 'spin up' a unique sandbox instance of Maestrolive complete with dummy data allowing for instant testing.

The demo includes several office based and mobile users so you can access the Sandbox in the browser and via our mobile apps in the App Store and on Google Play.

Every time a sandbox demo is 'spun up' its unique to you (notice the number changes each time e.g 'sandbox492') so you have exclusive access to your own personal sandbox whenever you want it for testing and evaluation.

The dummy data resets at midnight GMT across all sandbox instances.

Maestrolive's new sandbox is in addition to our 30 day free trial which enables you to set up your own instance of Maestrolive and add your own data.  The sandbox is designed to provide instant access to a ready configured instance of Maestrolive with example data for quick testing.



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