Can I schedule a template


When creating a (or editing an existing) template you can create a schedule for this template by doing the following:

In the Template Generator click on the “Scheduler” option

If necessary, click on the “inactive/active” field to toggle the scheduler is set to “active”

This will open a date picker dialog box – enter the required “from/To” dates

Next go to the “Who” dialog box and add the names of the assignee’s you want to use the template (start typing, names that have letters that meet what you have currently entered will be displayed).

When finished click the “Next” button (top right of form)

Click “Update template” (top right) and the template will be saved as a checklist to all users assigned, at the time scheduled

You can also define if a template should be run multiple times (for example, you want the template to be run on the 1st Monday of every month).