Can I add more than one schedule to a template?

No. At least, not in the current version. Right now a template can only support a single schedule. But there is a really effective work-around.

If you have a template you would like to create multiple schedules for, the work around is to make copies of the template, and give each copy its unique schedule.

Take the template you are interested in, and give it a name that allows you to identify which schedule it is using – for example “Template “xyz” – Schedule1″. Now make a copy of this schedule and give it the name “Template “xyz” – Schedule2″. In this new copy go to the schedule tab, and create the required second schedule and assignee(s), and save the changes.

Do as many times as is needed.

When completed you will have a series of identical checklists that will run at differing schedules and assignees.

Voila – you are done!