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MaestroLIVE is a
Mobile Workforce Management Solution for small, medium & enterprise business.

Digitise your workflow in the cloud for efficiency and effectiveness.

Managing your remote workers has never been easier. Coordinate all your travelling staff and the work they do from your browser while operatives in the field receive task notifications via their mobile device.

MaestroLIVE is a complete business operations system. Manage your jobs, assets and mobile workers as well as third party SLAs to acheive fast ROI and improved service delivery.

MaestroLIVE operates workflows in these industries...


For an automated workflow disruption solution, use MaestroLIVE to get stalled workflows working fast with large cost saving advantages.

Shopping Centers

Plan your maintenance schedule, respond to urgent issues and consistently deliver opening and closing routines.


Coordinate street cleaning and maintenance to improve the BID area and allow members to report issues directly into the workflow.


Schedule work, resources and materials for highways mainteance projects. Use asset management for streetlighting and signs.

Public Spaces & Parks

Reduce downtime and improve communication between managers and workers. MaestroLIVE offers a simple solution to coordinating tasks.

Local Authorities

Integrate seamlessly with third party suppliers and use MaestroLIVE to effectively measure SLA compliance.

A comprehensive modularised and scalable operations backbone.

Every workflow is slightly different - that’s why we offer MaestroLIVE as a modular system. Pick and choose functionality to suit your operation and only pay for what you really need.

MaestroLIVE is built for scalability. We can support 1 user or 1000 + users and everything in between so when you need to scale up operations MaestroLIVE grows and shrinks with you.

Workflow is the core of MaestroLIVE. Create one-off and recurring tasks, assign them to users and let MaestroLIVE do the leg work. Tasks are delivered to mobile workers via their mobile devices and updates are sent back. Your workflow is always up to date, everyone in your system knows what’s coming next and the workflow flows smoothly.

Forms are used to gather data in the field and are fully customisable. Create forms for anything – road inspections, building surveys, home visits, or questionnaires. You can upload photos and record your location using GPS. Once a form is submitted the data is instantly available throughout your MaestroLIVE network as required.

Plan ahead with MaestroLIVE Scheduler. For complex projects with thousands of tasks to be completed, MaestroLIVE automatically schedules tasks, resources and users. This creates an achievable and workable schedule capable of lasting months or even years. As problems crop up or urgent tasks are prioritised MaestroLIVE adjusts the schedule to suit giving you instant insight into the real-time length of your project.

Every transaction that occurs in MaestroLIVE is recorded giving you the ability to generate reports on just about anything. For example: ‘total tasks completed since August’, or perhaps ‘average time taken to complete all tasks’. Generate custom reports at any time and program regular reports to generate themselves at regular intervals.

Everything has a price: time, resources, travelling. MaestroLIVE’s budgeter keeps track of expenditure giving you real-time insight into your budget at any point. As tasks are scheduled, a forecasted spend is calculated. As tasks are completed, budget is considered spent. Ring fence reserved funds and put in place safeguards to prevent uncontrolled expenditure without proper approval. Budgeter is a comprehensive project finance management tool able to work in sync with your workflow and schedule.

Use Global Positioning to map your mobile operation. MaestroLIVE offers a sophisticated, layered mapping service showing the location of your mobile workers, the location of pending tasks, assets such as telegraph posts and streets.

Integrate with third parties seamlessly with the MaestroLIVE API. Use MaestroLIVE to measure service level agreements with third parties as well as send and receive tasks and updates across the API from external systems. The MaestroLIVE API is particularly beneficial for upgrading from legacy systems or when working closely with third party suppliers.

Smartz is MaestroLIVE’s business intelligence module offering comprehensive insights into your operation beautifully visualised. Dive deeper into your business’ operation data than ever before.

MC3 is MaestroLIVE’s customer contact module. Manage incoming calls and enquiries from the public or other sources, log their interactions and move reports into the workflow for inspection and fixing. MC3 also boasts a first to market app solution for the public to report on issues they find via their mobile phones and receive updates on the status of the fix. We call it ZappApp and you can find out more about ZappApp here.

MaestroLIVE offers a complete solution to maintaining assets held in the field. Whether its street lights or road signs, using MaestroLIVE you can store all the data you need to about each asset as well as view individual assets on the map. In addition you can easily plan a schedule of asset maintenance and track the degradation of assets over time.

Managing field operations in some of the largest companies in Europe.

And the smallest.

A flexible approach to pricing makes MaestroLIVE a viable solution for small, medium and enterprise business.

Our flexible, modular approach means small operations can benefit from using MaestroLIVE without the sophistication required by enterprise customers. MaestroLIVE adapts to you.


Street ambassadors inspecting and reporting.
3 users

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